• Julie Michaud Angelatos

The only skincare routine you will ever need

You know the feeling you get right away after shaking someone's hand for the first time? You know right there and then whether this is someone that will be good for you. We shake things off, give high fives or a finger... Point is, our hands are filled with palpable energy capable of expressing much more than words can do.

You wake up in the morning, take a close look at yourself. Come bedtime, you take another close look. Typically approximately 2 inches away from the mirror, depicting every single centimeter of your face. You analyze, you criticize. You judge yourself hard with no common sense coming to the rescue and with all that energy going through your hands you SPLASH your face "clean". In your face!!

We do this at the start of our day, and at the end of our day, and it truly could use a makeover. So here for you a revamped self-care routine for a truly radiant self.

  1. As you mix your cleanser between your hands, repeat to yourself how grateful you are that your skin is doing everything in its power to protect you.

  2. Massage your face clean, as you remind yourself of all the outside pollutants, dirt, UV your skin has protected you from today. Smile and say "thank you" while rinsing your face with a soft cloth.

  3. Apply your moisturizer with a light pressure on your jaw starting at the chin, up to the joint and remember how much you talked, smiled and clinched today, and allow your jaw to relax while thanking it for all the work it did today. Slide all the way to your cheeks and nose.

  4. Starting in between your eyebrows, apply a gentle pressure in an upward curve followed by a zigzag massage of your forehead. Your day was filled with so many feelings, all expressed differently and now you realize how strong you are, and remind yourself that you are loved.

  5. Finish with a soft massage on your temples, and set or reset your mind ready for what's coming next. You got this!

Remember that your lipstick isn't going to make you beautiful. But the relationship you have with it portrays your relationship with yourself. You are expressing YOU, and that in itself is beautiful. The products you choose in your beauty routine are not there to correct you, rather they are there to support the relationship you have with yourself.

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