• Julie Michaud Angelatos

Retailers Bloodbath: 465 Stores closed in 48 hours

Another huge hit in the retail industry. As I am reading this article today about the closure of 465 stores, I just received confirmation of my last online purchase. I actually spent much more online than I probably would have in a physical store. Not because I didn't want to go shopping, in fact, I really wish I could have gone somewhere and tried the bikinis I was looking for. Unfortunately, the retail landscape as it exists in Canada simply doesn't fit my shopping style. At. all.

I am obviously not the only one since big closure and business decline is putting huge names at risk. On the list are GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Victoria's Secret, and Payless ShoeSource just to name a few.

What is going on? It's simple... We are putting our dollars into what we want to see more of. We're looking for fewer things, and more meaning.

Gone are the days (or they are on the way out) where you just buy a new shirt absolutely mindlessly. Social media reminds us that someone made that shirt. That underpaid workers overseas are just an extension of our community and they also deserve humane living and working conditions. We realize that whether it is our children or children in another country, to build a sustainable and peaceful future ALL children must have access to education.

This is how we're changing the world. By choosing every single day.

Don't give me wrong, these closure affects the jobs of thousands of people (although I am pretty confident that the shareholders have a pretty good backup plan). What it allows for is the creation of jobs and other opportunities that contributes to re-creating the world as we wish to see it. In times of need, we step into creation mode.

Could it be that the malls of tomorrow will be filled with local creations, refurbished furniture, curated second-hand clothing stores? I know for a fact that we can marry our modern up-kept lifestyle with sustainability, we're doing it every day at Portia Ella.

It' been up to us from the get-go. Everything we ever purchase is made again. Don't want to see it anymore? Don't buy it.

Small mindful actions every day leads to massive global impacts.

From care-free to mindfulness.

With love,

Julie Michaud Angelatos

P.S. Through the bikinis I ended up purchasing from an online store and from this purchase, in comparison to another purchase I could have made from a big box store here, I saved 71.0 pounds of carbon dioxide, 2328.0 gallons of water and 5.0 pounds of waste. The fabric used is mainly made from recycled material. In my world: I saved BIG.

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