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How to grow your social following organically

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I am at the head of a few businesses in full fledge growth stages, operate, manage, mentor, lead, etc. On top of that, I am a dedicated mother of two strong-headed daughters and am still nursing one of them frequently. I have two rescue dogs over 50 lbs that require lots of exercises. Do you know where upkeeping my personal social media profile lays on my list of priorities? Not so high! At just about any given time, my attention is requested and I will always choose to give my daughters full attention over keeping the world involved in my whereabouts. I can think of a lot of things that comes before that actually!

Despite my lack of social presence, my influence is still growing... I discovered that actual influence had nothing to do with a pretty post on IG, or consistency, or a good story or a followers count actually. Growing influence for me started right from the bottom up and consisted mainly of touching the lives of people around me. Deeply, truly, genuinely. I have influenced my family and closest friends. I have sought to contribute to other people's lives using my own gifts without expectations - through mentorships, opportunity sharing, time giving. With a genuine focus on contributing personally, and then socially and culturally, I started landing speaking engagements in front of large audiences, got personally published multiple times, got the front cover of a magazine, was a guest on multiple podcasts and grew my businesses radically in the last couple of years.

If you seek to grow your social influence, start with contributing dearly to the people closest to you and focus on gaining a full understanding of where your contributions have the most impact in people's life. Observe and see if people change course from what you offer them. Only once you refine and understand your unique gifts better and also understand how to gift others in a way that is received, that you can start focusing on contributing to more, and more people using the tools at your disposition!

Social media is a way to document and give access to others to what you wish to share. No photoshoot in the world will offer you the influence you wish to gain. Think of all the bots, the ability to purchase followers and engagements. Think of your own interactions. How many posts do you actually read and care for? How many posts do you "like" just to be supporting or double click without really thinking? Everyone does it. It has very little meaning - UNLESS of course what you're posting is backed with all the meaning you wish to offer.

No one will give you meaning, no amounts of like and followers or smiling and polite acquaintances. Only you can do that.

Remember, you're the creator. Of your life, of your account, of the world as we see it today. If your message or contribution to the world is clear, meaning will transpire through everything you do including social media, and you will attract a tribe ready and needing to hear your message.

Influence starts in the most subtle ways out of a genuine desire to share your gifts with the world.


Julie Michaud

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